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Keith Tam, wife Nan and sons Donavan, Joshua, and Daniel are reaching success with top selective animals in their breeding projects in the Eastern Cape. Owner Keith Tam aligned with breeders who have excellent and reputable knowledge and expertise from the word start and ensured he acquired from the countries best genetics across species such as Sable and Buffalo.

Keith’s passion is evident in his seek for only the highest strains in Sable genetics. With the acquisition of the young Storm (51″+ Rapella grandson) Tam Game Breeders launched themselves among leading game breeders for the future.

At Tam Game Breeding all projects are underpinned by strict record keeping as DNA records of all animals are maintained, which facilitates verification of parenthood and genetics.

Tam Game Breeders invested mainly in Sable and Buffalo, and acquired sought after genetics from outstanding breeders such as Crown Game Breeders, Nico van den Bergh from Loskop Game Breeders, Louis van der Watt, Norman Adami, Gary Donian and Thaba Tholo.